TIS is a EU GMP certified site for blending and manufacturing of GRANULAR and High Density API.

TIS was founded in 2016 as the industrial site of TRADICHEM group for providing industrial solutions for the supply of API ready for the manufacturing of end dosage forms.

TRADICHEM S.L. is a leader in the development and marketing of APIs and Nutraceuticals.

TRADICHEM was founded in 1993 as a distribution company of fine chemicals and APIs. Since 2008 the company has experienced an internal technological evolution becoming an integral company formed by a logistics GDP warehouse with a capacity of 175 MT, an innovation center (TIC) and an industrial GMP platform for APIs processing (TIS).

Likewise, our capacity for innovation, dynamism and supplyt policy, TRADICHEM supplies a range of distribution ingredients and chemicals from our world leading partners as LONZA and ALZCHEM.

Tradichem SL is bringing value to the markets through our own industral technology at TIS, our own products R/D and our recent world acquisitions:

  • 2015. U.S. CHS INC. SOYBEAN isoflavones technology (link).
  • 2017. SPAIN. BDN Food technology stock acquisition. BDN develops solutions to include active ingredients into food matrix. The BDN know how let to TRADICHEM to join into the functional food market with amazing solution in the food and health sectors.
  • 2018. GERMANY. BELANO MEDICAL AG stock acquisition. Belano Medical AG is an R&D company for the research and develoment of specific strains that traps pathogens as H Pilory, S. pyogenes or S.aureus. The use of this strains would diminish the uses of antibiotics and will decrease the infection burden in the world population.